Al-Aqsa Intifida is a violent treatment of Palestinians against the Israeli and vice versa. Israel has faced many struggles since the Roman Empire took them as its colony. After their revival in 1948, they have been threatened by any other countries and so there was always war even after it gained its independence.

Al-Aqsa Intifada started because of the Holy Mount in Jerusalem. Sharon, the Prime Minister of Israel made a visit in the place, which is misunderstood by the Palestinians, thinking that he is having an authority to own the territory. This is why some Palestinians protested against his visit and they caused riot against Israelis.

This is now the beginning of painful life. Many Israelis captured many Palestinians and dragged them to prison. They had sins or not, they are being perverted and had a miserable life in prisons.

Some Palestinians may respond also with violence and fight against them if they try to imprison them and this cause death to so many.

This kind of dreadful thing lasted for 5 years. In 2005, the Palestinian government agreed to stop the violence against Israeli. However, even after the treaty was signed, there are still threats that are occurring even to this very day between this nations. It seems like the rival between Israel and Palestine and the Arab States do not end. Territorial dispute never ends even sacrificing the lives of people. Hundreds and thousands of populations were killed even to this very day. Since there are so many Palestinian prisoners at the same time the Israelis together are imprisoned and some of the prisoners were released.