The world is crying for peace because of many wars that are happening everywhere. These wars have a negative and devastating effect on the lives of the people that live in it and also it has an effect on the other countries. The people who flee their homes for safety now seek asylum in other countries. They then can decide if they will take them or not. It is a mix decision of the citizens who may fear for their own safety also. Everyone has there own side and concern.

That is why even if there are the united nations and there is the world peace, it cannot happen easily because there are many complications that could happen due to the point of view of the conflicting parties. In this time we will see the illustration or comparison on the Palestinian side and the Israeli side. The figures are presented on the events that had happened in different circumstances. If you will see the numbers then you can have an idea of what is happening. Let this be an interesting topic online. You can do a search engine optimization to optimize it. You know, people nowadays depend on the internet alone, so this is a good way for marketing online.

There are many Palestinians who are detained by the Israeli people. As Israel came to control the land and the people who are against them they had made actions so that they would ensure that they will not cease as a country again but will enforce the authority that they have. But the result is that many Palestinians were detained and held as prisoners without the rights that are usually given to those who are taken as prisoners.