Why is a person being put in prison? There are a lot of reasons. He or she may have committed a crime or unjustly charged. Some were unjustly accused. How pitiful they are! In history, Israel is a country that has been arresting even innocent citizens, old and young. They don’t even know the reason why they are put in prison. This is very surprising!

As you can see in the above infographic, it shows that the arrested citizens don’t know why they were captured. The most surprising thing is that they cannot know what crime they committed. Even the evidence cannot be shown to them which means that it remains as a secret. What if an accused detainee want to ask help from a lawyer? Can he receive any help?

In the law of Israel, a lawyer can be put in prison for about 90 days. Also, according to the Administrative Detention Order, the arrested prisoners will be put in prison for a maximum of six months. This is not all! Prisoners who are innocent cannot feel relief at all. Why? This is because the period of their being a detainee can be renewed which means that it can be extended.

Israeli prisoners can see their own family. However, this is almost impossible. Why? Simply because their family member needs a special permit. But this permit can be denied. While in prison, can a detainee know about his health issues? Well, this fact is the same as being tortured while in prison. Even pregnant women cannot receive proper care because the prison is far from the hospital.