For thousands of years, Israel was known as a blessed land in history. It was even known as “The Holy Land”. This is because the Savior came and was born in Israel. So today, millions of tourists visit this place because of a meaningful history that happened in the past. But what about today? Can people still think that it is the Holy Land? What are the events that are happening there this time? It’s actually terrible!

We always hear of the news about war, threats, and terrorist attacks that are taking place in Israel. There is no peace at all! Young children are very pitiful because they are suffering a lot from these threats and terrorist attacks. Old ones and young children who are innocent are becoming the victims of these national crisis.

Though a government try to solve this great problem in order to have peace, can it be possible? Then, how will be the safety and protection of the citizens? All throughout the world, whenever war or even threats and terrorist attacks takes place, there are innocent citizens who are being victimized by such rebellion. The threats and terrorist attacks are becoming severe everywhere in Israel.

Chemical weapons, rockets, strategic weapons, ballistic missiles, and nuclear weapons are some of the most threatening weapons in the lives of not only the people in Israel but every living man in the world. If war occurs between one nation and the other, that will lead to world war. Peace and safety which people yearn for can never be achieved any longer once a world war takes place.