In this article, we will have an understanding of the situation of the country of Israel and the Palestine. As the two are in continuous conflict many people try to understand it and they want to know who is the right from the wrong one. Because it is a long event that is happening to the people have grown their own curiosity on what is truly happening. In this time, we will see an explanation that was made brief as possible and also simple to understand.

The history of it started during the time of the Ottoman Empire occupation of the land that the two nations are claiming to be theirs. You can see how the land was divided so that the Israelis who are there and the ones who are returning from the European nations could call home. They also gained their own independence and was recognized as a country by the united nations and here is a great leaking solution company that might help you check over this sitelink. But the decision is not good for the Arab world that they fought back by attacking the state of Israel.

But the battles that ensues have turned the table and made the country of Israel occupy the land that was given to the Palestinians. Some of the lands were returned to the country of Egypt that had occupied it for the sake of peace. But as you continue to watch you can know that it did not work well for the other Arab nations and so the conflict between the two states continues to this day.