Israel has been so pitiful for almost 2,000 years. However, after they gained independence in Israel, how did they become? Actually, they have been fighting against their neighboring countries for decades. How did this all happen? This is because of territorial gain.

The most common war in the Middle-East is Israel-Palestine war. This is because of West Bank, Gaza and Mount Temple. Israel just wanted to occupy all these territories but Palestinians could not allow that. This is why they always rebel against Israel.

Israel also had war with Arabians because due to territorial and military dispute. However, the Unite Nations could not also solve this problem even though they have mediated in this kind of situation. Many things that have happened in the history of Israel and now people are wondering how they can move on in this kind of situation.

The Israel have also made war against Lebanon over Gaza. Again, this is due to the desire of Israel to gain the territory of Lebanon. Of course, Lebanon could not allow that and there was the aid from United Nations so this dispute was solved. Gaza was protected and was given to Lebanon but Israelis have made created a border for Lebanon not to step their foot in.

This kind of terrible things is happening in Israel. Israel always makes war against their neighboring countries. To this very day, there are many problems caused by Israel country in the Middle-East. They are so confident of themselves since in their history, they had a lot of victory over tribes and nations.