Who are the ones being arrested? Isn’t it the criminals and those who violated the law? Some prisoners deserves to be given another chance. In Israel, there was a great number of prisoners that were arrested. According to the record, almost one million prisoners were arrested up to this time. The suffering of the said arrested prisoners became severe which caused them and their relatives to have a campaign. This campaign is about releasing the prisoners which are old in age.

Prisoners were actually given some rights. Depending on how great the crime they committed, they also receive a just or fair punishment according to the law. But the thing is, the prisoners in Israel suffer from a war that happens inside the jail itself. This event is known as “internal fighting”.

These prisoners received sympathy from the citizens and most especially from their family members and relatives. They are pleading for freedom from their captivity due to the sufferings that they had. From Jerusalem, Palestine, West Bank, Arab, and the Gaza Strip, a great number of detainees were arrested.

For such a long time, these detainees who were arrested from the Al-Aqsa Intifada suffered a lot. The more shocking fact is that the prisoners who were arrested are not only  the old ones but even young children. In human history, the youngest detainee was from Israel. Also, some of these prisoners are guilty of crime waiting for the day they will be sentenced while others are under trial to prove their innocence. Many were even killed from the torture. This is truly a shocking news!